Welcome to Himemiya.ORG, a minor part of the Rose Bride Network. This domain was registered on 29 February, 2024 -- leap day, and of course, Himemiya Anthy's birthday. Why? Well, a leap year birthday is a special thing, and I love Anthy. So this is my gift to her, ridiculous as it is. Also, I find it amusing to have a domain registered on a date that only occurs once every four years.

Maybe it will become something bigger. Maybe it'll just remain a cute little nothing lost in the wilds of Web 2.0, nightmare that it is. Who knows. Have some Anthyesque songs, for your consideration:

Yeah, they're downloadble mp3s. Get your nostalgia back on already and steal some music off the internet like we all used to.

Rin xx

PS: Just because it bears repeating: no, I do not think, nor have I ever thought, that I am Himemiya Anthy. If you know, you know.